Maritina Kontaratou


Maritina Kontaratou is an art manager and curator based in Athens. She has art directed numerous projects for companies and organizations since 2008. Maritina received a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Theater, followed by an Excellence Award from her department and a full scholarship from NATO. She holds a Master's degree in Museology and in Art History. Throughout her employment history, she was also trained in Marketing, Fundraising, Visual Merchandizing, Graphic Design Basics and Illustration Drawing.

Currently heading N.G.O. EDRA's Art Department, Maritina Kontaratou conceives and develops annual festivals, exhibitions and art education programs for social responsibility. Her work at The Acropolis Museum for two years introduced her to museum practice and large-scale exhibition design, while she had more than two years experience in working with private galleries and contemporary art festivals.

Working fields:

  • Group Art Counseling
  • Museum Education for Children
  • Children Cultural Activism Workshops with specialized professionals
  • Summer Art Camps for Children
  • Multicultural Art Programs for Immigrants
  • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Happenings

Working Traits:

  • Measurable Results and Visibility
  • Multidisciplinary Topics
  • Multicultural Projects
  • Community Based Concepts
  • Emphasis in Cultural Heritage
  • Low Budget
  • A favor for the unusual
  • Conceptual Acuity
  • Collaborations of mutual exchange
  • Interactivity
  • Penchant for Design
  • Interest in Mass Culture


  • Events Curating; Cultural Management; Art Educatio


  • Art Criticism; Art Educational Programs Design; Ar